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What are some injuries caused by defective airbags?

An airbag may save your life if you get into an automobile collision. Unfortunately, some airbags cause injuries when they fail to function properly. While most airbags deploy flawlessly, manufacturing defects or sensor malfunctions can lead to severe consequences for vehicle occupants.

In some instances, the airbag fails to deploy, or it opens at the wrong time. The gases released during deployment can also exacerbate respiratory issues, plus the force of the deployment could inflict eye injuries. The range of possible airbag injuries is extensive.

Facial injuries

The rapid inflation of an airbag may cause severe bruising and fractures to the facial bones. The impact of the airbag against your face can lead to broken noses, cheekbones and jaws, resulting in significant pain and disfigurement.

Traumatic injuries

The sudden impact of an airbag against your head may cause traumatic brain injuries, ranging from mild concussions to severe brain damage. TBIs can lead to cognitive impairments, memory loss and personality changes, significantly affecting your quality of life.

Sometimes the force of an airbag inflicts chest injuries, leading to bruising and internal bleeding. It is also possible to suffer a heart contusion, which could threaten your life if you do not receive timely treatment.

Burns and fractures

As the airbag deploys, the friction of the fabric against the skin can cause burns on the chest, hands, arms and face. These friction burns may range from mild first-degree burns to serious third-degree burns that destroy layers of your skin and leave scars. The airbag impact could also create fractures to the skull, ribs or wrist bones, creating extensive pain and potential long-term complications.

Depending on the nature of the injury, you might need weeks of recovery and rehabilitation. Given that an automobile or airbag manufacturer may have been negligent in producing or installing the airbag, keeping the airbag and the parts to it could tell you if a specific party bears responsibility for your injuries.