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What is the value of an NDA?

When running a business, you must safeguard your sensitive information. To protect data, you may want to consider an NDA.

An NDA can play an important role in your company’s interactions with employees and other entities.

Protects sensitive information

One of the reasons that one-third of the U.S. workforce has an NDA is to protect sensitive information. For example, a company may have a groundbreaking product design, cutting-edge marketing strategy or unique process. When employees or another company signs an NDA, they agree to keep the information confidential.

Preserves competition

All businesses need to maintain a competitive advantage. NDAs prevent former employees and competitors from accessing valuable information. Often, exclusivity can make a difference in staying ahead in the market.

Fosters trust

When you collaborate or create partnerships, you must know you can trust your partners. NDAs can become valuable assets that allow you to set down a foundation of trust. You build trust on the understanding that the sensitive information must remain confidential. This can benefit you and the other party, allowing you to collaborate confidently.

Attracts investors

Most businesses rely on investors and stakeholders to grow. Investors will likely not do business if they have no assurance that you will protect their investments. An NDA demonstrates your company’s commitment to safeguarding confidential information.

Reduces legal disputes

In a breach of confidentiality, your NDA becomes a legal recourse. It provides a framework for handling legal disputes and pursuing damages. NDAs become deterrents against breaches because individuals do not want to face the legal consequences of violating the agreement.

NDAs are not only valuable tools for businesses to maintain confidentiality, but they can also serve as negotiation tools. Both parties who agree will have a clear idea of their respective expectations.