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Can you run a business in your home in Freehold?

Many people work at home these days. If you are a freelancer or business owner, you are running a business out of your home, which could cause issues for you, depending on the zoning in your area.

However, Freehold has specific exceptions for home businesses that help encourage these types of endeavors. The city hopes to strike a balance between allowing a work-at-home option while also preventing it from becoming a neighborhood nuisance by setting rules to keep the peace.


To have a home business, you must work in your own home. All workers must be residents or immediate family members, and there is a limit of two non-residents working in the endeavor.


You cannot use your address in marketing materials. But you can use it on business cards and in one listing in a phone book or business catalog.


You cannot have product displays on the site. And you can only use up to 10% of the home or up to 300 square feet for the business. Note the space does not include basements, attics or porches. However, you cannot use your garage for business in a higher-density residential zoning district.

You cannot produce noise that others can hear outside the home. You also cannot have deliveries for the business that is excessive or exceed normal expectations for a residence. In addition, your business cannot have a steady stream of customers or clients coming to your home. Occasional visits are allowed.

Not following these regulations could end up with Freehold shutting down your business and forbidding you from continuing to conduct activities related to it at your home.