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Preparing for litigation as a tenant

If you have found yourself in the middle of a dispute involving your landlord, you need to carefully evaluate your options. These disputes can surface for a wide variety of reasons, whether your landlord is taking you to court over allegations that you have damaged property, failed to pay rent or violated the terms of your rental agreement.

The approach you take could have a significant impact on the outcome of the case. Sometimes, tenants can work with landlords to resolve these matters outside of the courtroom. In other instances, litigation is unavoidable.

Gathering evidence as a tenant going to court

New Jersey Courts’ site provides helpful information on evidence that you can present to support your claim as a tenant involved in a dispute with your landlord. You should try to secure as much evidence as you can to increase your odds of a favorable outcome, such as pictures, notices from your landlord, letters you sent to your landlord and your lease. In addition, canceled checks, rent receipts and other types of documents can strengthen your case.

Witness testimony and landlord-tenant disputes

It is important to note that you cannot use written statements in court during a landlord-tenant dispute. However, witnesses who can testify in person can help to support your case. You can provide your own testimony as well. You should try to make arrangements with any witnesses who have the ability to provide live testimony.

By gathering as much evidence as you can and having a thorough understanding of your legal options, you can increase the chances of a favorable end result as a tenant heading to court.