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Advantages of starting a business in New Jersey

The Garden State provides a range of benefits for new business owners. If you live here as an entrepreneur or seek a great place to start a new venture, consider this East Coast hub with easy access to New York, Philadelphia and DC.

Review the advantages of starting a new business in New Jersey.

Population density and demographics

The state’s small square footage will not limit your potential clientele. Every New Jersey county qualifies as an urban area based on the number of residents per mile. Almost anywhere in the state provides a highly-trafficked locale with potential for profit. If you need to hire qualified employees, the many New Jersey colleges and universities provide access to an impressive workforce.

New Jersey also has a high per capita income compared to other states. A higher household income translates to more disposable cash, which often goes to support local businesses.

Valuable resources

As a business owner, you can get free, confidential assistance through the New Jersey Business Action Center. This service helps connect you with the right government officials and agencies to streamline the process of getting your venture underway.

Local Small Business Development Centers provide help with marketing, planning, taxation and other key areas. The state also has special programs, grants and resources centers for women-owned and veteran-owned businesses. Through the New Jersey Division of Taxation, you can sign up for a half-day small business workshop that helps you navigate the process of registering and paying taxes for your new business.

Professional assistance through these and other resources can facilitate the process of starting your New Jersey business. Having the correct legal documentation in place reduces the chances of costly complications.